Clinical Updates Archive 

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Non-Fasting Lipids - Pathlab - March 2014.pdf

BD SurePath Vial Collection Change - Pathlab - March 2014.pdf

Urine Collection Tube Change - BOP and PLW excl WHK March 2014.pdf

Test Adds - PLW - March 2014.pdf 

Local Fluoroquinolone Resistance Increasing - BOP GPs only - Feb 2014.pdf

Electronic Laboratory Ordering - Pathlab - Nov 2013.pdf

Isolation of Group B Streptococcus - Pathlab - Nov 2013.pdf

Specimen Processing for Mycobacteria - Pathlab - Nov 2013.pdf

Medical Venesection – New Request Form - November 2013.pdf

Referral for Therapeutic Venesections form.pdf

Change of Biochemistry Analysers October 2013.pdf

Haematology Changes in CBC Report - Sept 2013.pdf                 
STI Testing with Combined Chlamydia-Gonorrhoea PCR - BOP - July 2013.pdf

Free T3 Requesting Oestradiol Reporting - April 2013.pdf

Eclipse Needle - Mar 2013.pdf

Change to eGFR Calculation - March 2013.pdf

Change to Atypical Pneumonia Screen - GPs and Hospital Clinicians - Jan 13.pdf

FOB and Faecal Reducing Substances - PLW - October 2012.pdf

Faecal Reducing Substances - BOP and WHK - October 2012.pdf

STI Testing with Combined Chlamydia-Gonorrhoea PCR - PLW GPs and Midwives Only - Oct 2012.pdf

Midwife Requests - PLW Midwives only - Aug 12.pdf

Delay HWL results - PLBOP - August 2012.pdf

Testing for Bordetella pertussis in the Community Setting - Amended - July 12.pdf

Quantiferon TB Gold Updated - BOP GPs only - July 12.pdf

HWL LIS Clozapine Testing July 12.pdf

Procedure to Follow Regarding Queries for Laboratory Testing - BOP - May 12.pdf

HbA1c Interpretation, TSH & Bone ALP - May 12.pdf

HbA1c and the Diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes - March 2012.pdf

Folate Assay and Paracetamol March 2012.pdf

Polycose Screen Protocol Changes - March 2012.pdf

Hepatitis C Pilot overview for clinicians Dec 12.pdf

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