Leading the way in Cancer gene testing

Pathlab is pleased to announce the availability of molecular oncology testing. We currently offer:

PDL1 immunohistochemistry for immunotherapy  $200* **
 MSI immunohistochemistry for immunotherapy $175* 
 EGFR (plasma) mutation testing including T790M $495
 KRAS mutation testing $497*
 NRAS / BRAF / EGFR mutuation testing $558*
 All RAS testing $912

*Our prices include the preparation of the slides, review by a Pathologist, the molecular test and the final issuing of a report.

**Price also includes interpretation of staining by a Pathologist specially trained in PDL1 analysis.

All prices are inclusive of GST.

HERE is the relevant form for all non-funded test requests.

For more information please contact molecular.testing@pathlab.co.nz

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