All of our rooms are now open for all testings.

Please ensure you are wearing a mask. Social distancing is required. Our staff will be in full PPE.



Example COVID PCR Result

Example COVID PCR and IgM Result

How can I get a COVID-19 test?

  • If you have COVID symptoms you must contact Healthline or your Doctor who will advise you on testing and isolation.
  • If you don’t have symptoms and need the tests for other reasons, such as travelling, Pathlab can do the swab and test for you.

Do I need an appointment for a COVID-19 test?

An appointment may be required depending on what Pathlab you will be attending:

  • Hamilton, Angelsea St – Testing for travel only - no appointment required. COVID symptoms? Please contact a Waikato CBAC centre via your GP.
  • Tauranga, Cameron Rd – appointment required, phone 07 578 7073 to arrange.
  • Whakatane, (Phoenix House, Pyne St only) – SYMPTOMATIC testing only between 3pm-4pm daily, no appointment required. Testing for travel? You're welcome in any other time.
  • Rotorua, Haupapa St – Testing for travel? An appointment is required, phone 07 349 7907 to arrange. COVID symptoms? Please contact a Lakes CBAC centre via your GP.
  • Taupo, Tuwharetoa St – Testing for travel? Testing before 3pm only, no appointment required. COVID symptoms? Please contact a Lakes CBAC centre via your GP.

Pathlab is not open for testing on Saturday afternoons, Sundays or public holidays.

Clinics that will collect COVID tests on Sunday's / public holidays:

  • Hamilton - Anglesea A&E, Tui St Andrews, Tui Rototuna, Victoria Clinic, Lake Clinic
  • Tauranga - 2nd Ave A&E
  • Rotorua - Lakes Primecare

How much will the test(s) cost?

  • If you have symptoms and been via your doctor or Healthline for your test, there may not be a charge.
  • If you come to us directly for testing for travel or other requirements, the cost is $200 per test (swab and test).
  • Countries have varying testing requirements, multiple swabs and or tests maybe required.

How long until I get my results?

  • The processing time for COVID-19 testing is 24-36 hours from when the laboratory received the sample (not from when your test is done).
  • If you have symptoms and come via a doctor, the results are sent to that doctor who will then send them to you.
  • If you came to us directly, you will need to complete a form with appropriate details so the results can be emailed to you - PLEASE ENSURE YOU PROVIDE THE CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS.
  • We try to release travel results within 24 hours but cannot offer any guarantees - if your test is for travel to China, you need to ensure we are told at the time of testing.

PLEASE DO NOT PHONE PATHLAB to ask about your result unless it has been at least 24 hours since your test.

Pathlab accepts no liability for flights missed - it is the sole responsiblity of the traveller to ensure they have ALL the correct information prior to being tested - please refer to embassies, travel agents, carriers or destinations for current guidelines.

How do I get a medical certificate?

  • Pathlab is not able to provide a medical certificate. We can only give you the results of your COVID test. Any signed medical certificate will need to be obtained from a doctor.