Clinical Updates Archive

Clinical updates from previous years can be found here.

For advisories from the current year, please refer to the news page.


Holiday Season Collection information
Change in reference intervals ALT and AST
COVID Test Request for Travel
Enteric pathogens
COVID Test Request for Travel
H pylori Testing in Children
Post-Surge Microbiology Testing during COVID Pandemic
Microbiology testing during COVID surge
Change in serum free light chain testing
Change in Vitamin B12 reference intervals
Specimen Collection for Suspected COVID-19
NPS and Throat swabs microbiology advice
Choosing Wisely during COVID 19
[Midwives] HbA1c part of 1st antenatal screen
[Waikato] Collection for Serial Prolactin
[Waikato] COVID-19 Request Forms
COVID-19 Patient Services Level 1
COVID swabs community
[Bay of Plenty] COVID Community Testing
[Waikato] COVID-19 Level 2 update
Bay of Plenty Collection Facilities
Move to Level 3
Lakes COVID-19 Level 4 laboratory Information Update
Waikato COVID-19 Level 4 laboratory Information Update
[BOP Hospitals] Laboratory testing in suspected COVID-19 patients
BOP COVID-19 Level 4 laboratory Information
Waikato COVID-19 Level 4 laboratory Information
Lakes COVID-19 Level 4 laboratory information
Community COVID-19 Swab Instructions
Hospital COVID-19 Swab Instructions
COVID-19 Microbiology Testing Restrictions
Covid-19 Update
[Lakes Only] 2020 BNP WBCH Guidelines
[Whakatane Only] Platelet Storage
Corona Virus
[Whakatane Hospital Only] Whakatane Transfusion Services


eOrder Printing Update
Stool Antigen Testing for Helicobacter Pylori
Oestradiol (E2) Change of Method
Paediatric Creatinine Reference Intervals
Enteric PCR clinical update
Transfusion Technical Update
Mycology Processing
Electronic Result Delivery
Molecular STI Panel Testing
hsTNI Assay Supplementary Information
Dysmorphic Red Cells
Changes to Troponin I Testing (hsTNI Assay)
Requests for Copyto Results
Haemoglobinopathy Testing
Specimen Labelling
Gynaecologic Cytology Specimen Containers
Changes in testing for Anti-Neutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibodies (ANCA)
Bordetella pertussis Testing Change
Sharps Containers Service - Waikato. docx
Requestor Code set up
Laboratory Diagnosis of Mumps
Withdrawal of Faecal Occult Blood (FOB) testing
TV Molecular Change
TB contact tracing Clinical Update
Microbiology Chart Updates


Alkaline Phosphatase Reference Interval Update
HPV testing
Strep AB Testing
Rotavirus testing Clinical Update
BD Change for CT GC Molecular Testing
ESR Inflammatory Response Marker No
Stores Ordering - Bay of Plenty
Reporting of Corrected Sodium
New white swab for Microbiology
Influenza and RSV Testing - Taupo Hospital
TV Molecular Study
Skin Prick Testing Referral
Review of Clinical Detail Requirements for Microbiology Infectious Serology - Lakes
H pylori Testing
ESR changes - Pathlab Taupo
Consultation document on making clinical details pre-requisite for all micro samples
Report on transition of Rotorua laboratory from LSR to Pathlab
Nt-proBNP PTHrp anti Tg
Consultation on Referral Pathway for Skin Prick Testing
Urine Chemistry
Rotavirus Testing
C. difficile for Lab Users
Seminal Fluid Reference Values
Faecal Calprotectin
Critical Results Notification
Best Practice Urine Testing


H.Pylori Testing
Skin Prick Testing
HbA1c Error in Reporting
Clinical Haematology Services
Change in Macroprolactin Reporting
Patient Services Update and Map - Bay of Plenty
Changes In Thyroid Antibodies
Urine Processing Changes
Clinical Details Serology Testing
Relocation of the Cytopreparatory Laboratory
Laboratory Processing of Vaginal Swabs
Inherited Thrombophilia Testing
ESR Inflammatory Response Marker No Addendum
Bethlehem Collection Room - Bay of Plenty
Stores Ordering - Bay of Plenty
Stool Samples for Microbiology and Other Tests - Waikato
Infectious Serology Clinical Details Testing
Hepatitis Serology Testing
HbA1c Now Part of the 1st Antenatal Screen
Clinical Haematology Services - Waikato
Test Adds - Waikato
Test Adds - Bay of Plenty
ESR Inflammatory Response Marker No
Clinical Details as a Pre-Requisite for Infectious Serology Testing
Skin Prick Testing for Allergy - Waikato
Hospital Based Laboratory on the Move - Tauranga
Blood and Blood Product Issuing - Tauranga Hospital
Urine Processing Changes
Specimen Labelling
Pathlab Micro move
Levetiracetam Testing
Guidance to Microbiology Specimen Labelling
Change to Lipid Reporting
Urine Collection Tube Change
Specimen Labelling of Eswabs and Urine Collection Tubes
Order of Draw


Legionella Antigen Testing - Hospitals
Changes to Mantoux and Quantiferon Gold Testing - Waikato General Practitioners
MRSA Result Reporting
Haemochromatosis Screening
Evidential Drug Screening - Waikato
Change To Treponema Pallidum Particle Agglutination (TPPA) Reporting
Troponin I - Change Of Units Of Measurement
Specimen Labelling of New ESwab
EBV Serology
Cervical Smear Labelling
Change to TFT Requesting
New ESwab And Microbiology Specimen Storage
Microbiology Specimen Storage Prior to Transport - New Protocol - Rotorua
Epstein Barr Virus Testing for Infectious Mononucleosis - General Practitioners
Consultation document on making clinical details pre-requisite for all micro samples
Funded Diagnostic Testing - Waikato General Practitioners
Xanthochromia - Bay of Plenty Hospitals
Respiratory Virus Swabs from the Community
Faecal Occult Blood (FOB) Testing
Domiciliary Services - Eastern Bay of Plenty
Discontinuation of On-site Procalcitonin Testing - Whakatane Hospital
Change to Troponin Assay and Reference Interval
Urine Methadone Testing - Bay of Plenty
Minimum Biochemistry Sample Requirements Plus Vitamin B12 and Folate Now In-House - Whakatane