Electronic Ordering

It’s all about Quality!

Online ordering allows orderer and patient contextual information, along with laboratory test codes to be passed electronically to our laboratory systems therefore ensuring better quality information.

The correct doctor. The correct patient. The correct tests.

By receiving your request electronically - this will ensure accurate information is collected at source and will remove the need for manual data entry of the current request forms.

You will not have to log on to our ordering system - this will be handled automatically once you are set up in our systems. How it will be done will depend on your Practice Management System.

How does it work?

  • The actual ordering process is similar to your current practice, with tick-boxes used to order tests. Some tests will prompt you for, or provide you with, important information. As well as common and departmental tabs there is an additional tab available to perform free text searches for less common tests.

  • Once the order is placed an electronic message is recorded in our Eclair database, a form is printed which is given to the patient.

  • Once the specimen(s) arrive in the laboratory the order is matched up with the laboratory request number and all the ordering and collection information is available for laboratory staff.

The benefits include:

Quality information sent to the laboratory

By collecting electronic data at source we are eliminating data entry errors that can occur when our staff read and enter request form data into laboratory systems. Patient details are sent automatically by the system ensuring we have the correct information.

Up-to-date specimen specific collection information for your patients

No need to print out separate collection information for your patients. Collection information that is printed on the forms will be current laboratory practice so this reduces the chances of errors in collection and will reduce recollecting of specimens from patients.

Ability to review your patient’s recent results while ordering

The ordering database is populated with approximately the last 24 months result data directly from the order form. You can review recent results at the click of a button .

No change to your processes

Most importantly this new process has been kept as similar to existing ordering processes as possible.

If you have any queries or would like a visit from one of our staff please contact us at support@pathlab.co.nz