Request for Copy to Clinics

In July 2018, a clinical update was released to inform clinicians that a request for a copy of a result, could only be sent to a specified clinician. This was to address complaints we received of inadvertent breaches of privacy or other complaints of this nature.

  • Pathlab are now able to accommodate requests for a copy of a result to be sent to a medical practice/clinic.
  • Clinics will need to have a process in place to ensure that all the practice inboxes are checked for results. e.g. Medtech, now has the “unmatched provider messages tab”.
  • Please note that hospital clinics, wards or departments will receive “copy to” results into their computer system, however there is no system in place to alert the clinician that they have been received.
  • We will continue entering a report comment of “No GP/Clinic stated” in the “copy to” field when no GP or location is stated.

Please contact us with any queries in this regard.