Urine Cytology Specimens

On behalf of Pathlab Cytology and Microbiology departments, we please ask that any request for urine cytology be sent as a separate urine sample with a separate laboratory form, and not combined with other requests such as Microbiology microscopy, culture, and susceptibilities (M, C, & S), and/or urine mycobacterial culture, etc. on the same specimen.

Please note that investigation of microscopic haematuria requires 3 Microbiology urines for red cell microscopy before urine cytology investigations are considered.

  • Cytology (mid-stream urine, 3 specimens, each to be collected on different days in the 50 ml cytology blue topped tubes containing preservative; if tubes are not available please send patient to Pathlab collection rooms), separate specimens and laboratory form.

  • Microbiology M, C, & S (mid-stream urine), chlamydia (first catch urine), and/or TB (3 specimens early morning total voided urine – different days), separate specimens and laboratory form.

Due to the different departments involved, the logistics of processing cytology along with other test requests on the same urine sample can be difficult. It is also not optimal in terms of maximising sensitivity of the different tests due to lack of urine volume if a single urine specimen is submitted.

Please include clear, concise clinical details to optimise specimen processing and result interpretation.

If cytology and other tests are requested on a single urine specimen it will be processed for the most clinically relevant test and a recollect issued for the other test(s).

Your cooperation in this matter is very much appreciated.