Pre-travel COVID IgM Serology Testing

Effective 2nd February 2021, we are pleased to now be able to offer COVID IgM serology testing in conjunction with the COVID PCR testing, for pre-clearance travel as per some specific embassy requirements.

COLLECTION: Specimen collection for these tests is available at Pathlab Waikato and Bay of Plenty collection centres as well as GP clinics in those areas.

APPOINTMENTS: No appointment is required at Pathlab for collection of COVID IgM serology or PCR tests. Collection is available Monday to Friday during normal working hours, Saturday collects in the Waikato need to be before 12pm, Bay of Plenty before 10am.


  • Some airlines require a GP certificate and the COVID test results, for this refer option 1.
  • If the GP certificate is not required, use option 2.
  • To obtain the result in time for boarding the patient should present 48 hours before departure. Presentation within 24 hours will not allow time for results to be available by departure.

Option 1:

  • Patients can have the samples collected at your medical centre and pay the fee directly to you (and obtain a GP certificate at that visit).
  • Pathlab will invoice using the standard invoicing (total with GP collect - $340).
  • It is imperative to IDENTIFY ON THE REQUEST FORM AND THE SPECIMEN BAG to invoice the correct medical centre.
  • PLEASE indicate on the form ‘pre-travel’ testing and include the departure time, departure date and ‘copy to’ patient’s email address.

Option 2:

  • If a GP certificate is not required by the airline, patients can have the samples collected by Pathlab and pay us directly (total with Pathlab collect - $400).

COST: The COVID IgM serology and PCR tests cost $170 per test, $200 each if collected by Pathlab, inclusive of GST.

RESULTS: COVID IgM serology and PCR test results (for travel purposes only) will be emailed to the traveller by Pathlab. It is imperative to have the patient’s email address clearly written on the request form.

COVID TEST REQUESTS WITHOUT PAYMENT: Non-payment or no indication to invoice the medical centre will mean the COVID test results are not released until payment is received.