Variability of Biochemistry Results

Biochemistry results can be affected by many factors not the least of which is biological variation, specimen collection issues, clerical issues, calibration and reagents to name just a few.

From 2/1/21 to 11/1/21 the biochemistry analyser situated in Taupo showed increased variability in its quality control program.

An extensive investigation was undertaken. Due to the problem’s intermittent nature, it proved extremely difficult to track down. A consequence of this was that results for some analytes showed increased analytic variation, which were judged to be within acceptable limits at the time.

Looking at this retrospectively and having performed more analysis we believe that assessment is probably correct. However, we wish to make you aware of this issue, particularly affecting the following analytes, in case any of these has resulted in a change of clinical management.

Analytes most affected are:

Phosphate; +/- 10% at the lower end of normal

Glucose; +/- 8% at 10 mmol/L and above

Creatinine; +/- 10% at upper limit of normal

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