New Symptomatic COVID Testing Facility in Tauranga

Effective today, Monday, 1st March we have further resources to support the centres currently offering symptomatic COVID testing. This is via the installation of a stand-alone facility with two collection rooms, on our laboratory site on the Tauranga hospital campus on Cameron Rd.

The most significant impact of this is that this facility will be our only collection site for symptomatic COVID patients – no other Pathlab rooms will be offering that service.

We do not envisage any other changes in procedure at your end:

  • Request forms for COVID tests required from virtual appointments for symptomatic patients, must please be emailed to

  • Patients will be contacted for an appointment once we have received the request form.

  • Appointments will not be taken for the same day, unless URGENT is stated on the request form.

  • Patients will be given the procedure information at the time of arranging the appointment. This includes:

    • Please arrive as close to your appointment time as possible to avoid traffic congestion.

    • Please remain in your car - you will be sent a text when we are ready for you to come through.

    • You must self-isolate until you receive your negative COVID result and please ensure to contact the COVID Healthline.

Symptomatic patients who require blood tests. If the blood tests are not able to be collected at the practice, the form needs to clearly indicate “Symptomatic Covid Patient” and be sent to Pathlab call centre – to arrange an appointment at Cameron Rd. Symptomatic Patients must not be sent to any of our collection rooms for blood tests.

A reminder please - this is for patients of virtual appointments only. If you believe the patient you are seeing in a face-to-face appointment is symptomatic and requires a COVID test, your facility must take that swab themselves.