WDHB Data Outage

As Waikato DHB navigate through the difficult issue of running a complex service without any IT systems, we advise as follows.

Waikato DHB laboratories (HWL):

  • Are able to do testing, however, are limited to covid and urgent tests.

  • Critical results will be reported via telephone as they are unable to electronically report.

  • Referral work to HWL just prior to the outage are being reported by paper. These should arrive over the next few days.

  • Pathlab Waikato will be managing the tertiary sendways until HWL are fully functional. We will ensure that these investigations are performed using a like analytical platform, but if you receive any results which you believe do not fit the patient history, please contact Pathlab via info@pathlab.co.nz for confirmation/discussion or to repeat the investigation.

  • WDHB do not have a phone system so cannot be contacted at present. When the WDHB system is up and running there will be continued delays as the laboratory starts the arduous task of catching up.

Please note: Pathlab laboratories are not affected by this IT issue, however we have no separate access to HWL information.

We are most grateful for your patience and understanding in this difficult situation.