STI Collection Kit Change

Pathlab is excited to announce the implementation of a new BD COR high throughput molecular analyser to perform several tests including the STI panels (chlamydia, gonorrhoea, trichomonas). This is only the second instrument of its type commissioned in the world and offers improvements over the existing assay and instruments.

  • Dual target self-confirming gonorrhoea test meaning reduced turnaround time for positives.

  • Trichomonas testing on all female STI swabs.

  • Increased instrument capacity, with on board reagents for 8 hours continuous operation.

The main difference you will see are the new collection kits/tubes to replace the existing black cap STI molecular tubes for swabs and urines.

Please use up your existing stock by 18th November before transitioning to the new kits.

Swab Collection Kit – The new kit comes with a single swab and a green cap molecular tube.

After collection the swab is broken off into the molecular tube at the marked black break point (red arrow). The remaining swab shaft and swab holder can be discarded. Only send the green cap vial to the laboratory and ensure the collection site is clearly documented on the e-order or paper lab form.

Urine Collection Tubes – The new urine tubes have a yellow cap and the fill volume indicated by a cut-out area in the label.

Hand label the tubes or use a small sticker label that will be flat on the tube.

Do NOT use large labels with flags or tags or overhangs as these will have to be removed before the tube can be loaded into the instrument. Please note that the new tubes have barcoding around the top and bottom of their label. At least one of these barcodes must be visible for the instrument to read.

Distribution of the new collection kits will begin on Monday 5th September and the new BD COR analyser will go live on Monday 19th September.

We will be running both the new BD COR and existing BD Viper XTR instruments from Monday 19th September until Friday 18th November, at which time the BD Viper XTR’s will be turned off. It is therefore essential that you have transitioned to the new tubes by Friday 18th November. After this date any STI specimens collected using the old collection kits will not be able to be tested and a recollect will be required.

BD COR PX/MX modules