HPV Request Forms and Dual Samples

Please note the following in relation to HPV Swabs and SurePath LBC.

Request Forms:

There are multiple forms available to you for both HPV Swabbing and SurePath LBC screening, which are all accepted by Pathlab.

  • You have the option of using the eOrder Form (available to you from your local laboratory).
  • your PMS form (which will have recently been updated by your PMS Vendor).
  • NCSP forms (see link below).

Lab Form for HPV, Cytology, Histology Samples (nsu.govt.nz)

Lab Form for Vaginal Swab Samples for HPV Testing Only (nsu.govt.nz)

Please note that all HPV and SurePath LBC samples sent to Pathlab must have an accompanying request form.

Collection of Dual Samples (both SurePath LBC and HPV Swab):

If collecting a SurePath LBC sample, we do not require an accompanying HPV swab collected.

If both samples are received, we will only be testing the LBC sample for both HPV and Cytology screening, with the Swab being discarded.