Funded and Non Funded Tests

Pathlab is currently receiving a high number of queries regarding test requests that fall outside of the scope of our funding contracts and therefore require payment. The following criteria outlines the test requests that are predominately government funded and those that are not publicly funded - as determined by the Ministry of Health.

Eligible for public funding: most tests that are required for clinical diagnostic or monitoring purposes.

Not eligible for public funding: All tests that are outside of the above criteria, including but not limited to:

  1. Clinics and clinicians who do not qualify for the General Medical Subsidies Collection (GMSC).**

  2. Screening tests related to wellness, holistic wellbeing.

  3. Some specific tests with restrictions, such as:

  • Vitamin D
  • FT3
  • Anti-Tg
  • QTBG
  • AMH
  • Rabies serology
  • COVID serology
  • Polio serology
  1. Medical certificates; including immigration and travel medicals.

  2. Superannuation or insurance requirements.

  3. Work or study requirements.

  4. Employment health and safety checks.

  5. Immunity status checks.

All requests for tests that fall within the ‘not eligible’ criteria will need to have the laboratory testing and processing costs paid by the patient at the time of sample collection.

**If the nature of the medicine that is being practiced (i.e. Holistic/Naturopath/Integrative medicine or other alternative health providers) is not government subsided, any associated laboratory testing requests do not fall under the scope of funding, therefore payment will be required from the patient at the time of sample collection. If payment is missed at the time of specimen collection, the patient will receive a ‘request to pay’ alert, with results held until payment is then received. Please note, samples may be processed up to 6 days post collection depending on sample stability for the requesting test.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance.