Removal of Faxed Reports

We have been informed by our tele-communications service provider that all phone lines (ISDN) which are currently supporting faxing will be decommissioned within the next month.

We have you on our list as still receiving abnormal / urgent / INR results via a fax number. As faxing will no longer be a supported result delivery mode, any practices still receiving faxes must transition to receiving those faxed results via email.

We therefore urgently require you to please advise a suitable generic email address which is frequently monitored, that we can use instead of faxing to you. Personal email addresses are not suitable, as any staff changes at your practice may result in a failure to receive or notify you of results.

The criteria and process for receiving phoned results from Pathlab relating to abnormal or urgent tests will remain. The email address is solely to replace any of these results that we would have previously faxed to you.

Please send your email address, practice name and Healthlink or Medical Objects EDI address to

Thank you very much for your assistance with this. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Keith Walmsley, 07 578 7073.