Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening (NIPS)

Pathlab is pleased to report the increased uptake of the Illumiscreen -Non-Invasive Blood Screen (NIPS) pathway which is tested within Aotearoa New Zealand.

The Illumiscreen is a safe and reliable genetic screen that is available from as early as 10 weeks pregnancy. Three common conditions that can be detected by Illumiscreen are Down Syndrome (trisomy 21), Edwards Syndrome (trisomy 18) and Patau Syndrome (trisomy 13) Illumiscreen can also identify conditions relating to missing or extra sex chromosomes.

In this pathway the patient needs to pay online, complete the request form with the provider before presenting at Pathlab for the sample to be collected. Pathlab collection facilities that are available to accept these tests are:

  • Rotorua (Haupapa Street) & Tauranga (Cameron Road) – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday only.
  • Hamilton (Tristram Street) - Monday to Thursday morning collection only.

This excludes public holidays. No appointment is necessary. Patients are required to provide proof of payment, along with the signed request form at the time of collection.

The Illumi website has details including the cost for this test.