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Pathology plays a particularly important role in preventive medicine by ruling out diseases or detecting them early. The medical laboratory is one of the first stops in preventive medicine, which puts pathology among the most important health care services. Because it is predicted that preventive medicine will continue to become even more important in the next decade, laboratory and medical testing will be in greater demand to rule out incorrect diagnoses, to detect diseases early -- in many cases before any symptoms arise, and to insure that a chosen treatment is working to the benefit of patients.

Pathlab boasts many dedicated, experienced scientists who are passionate about their field of work or ‘disciplines’. We offer laboratory services for the following areas.


The study of microorganisms, the tiny living bodies not visible to the naked eye. Includes viruses, parasites, fungi and bacteria.


Branch of science concerned with molecular and anatomic structures of matter, and the composition of substances as they occur within living organisms.


Processes and examines extremely thin slices of human tissue under microscopes, using dye to increase the contrast between cellular components.


Examination of the celluar and molecular components of the immune system. Including both their function and interaction.


Concerned with the nature, function, and diseases of the blood. It covers the cellular and serum composition of blood, the coagulation process, blood-cell formation, hemoglobin synthesis, and disorders of all these.


Determining the patient's blood type and any antibodies they may have. Then providing safe blood products matched for that patient’s needs.


Investigates the formation, structure, and formation of cells to understand their look and function.


Cross-disciplinary field that studies molecular materials, structures and systems and their application.