STI Collection Kit Change - Update

The new STI swab and urine collection kits/tubes have been available since September and many requestors have already transitioned to them.

We would like to remind you to use up your existing stock, but you MUST transition to the new STI kits/tubes by Friday 18th November. Any of the old black cap STI tubes received from Monday the 21st November will result in a recollect request as the old Viper XTR instruments will be turned off and these tubes are not compatible with the new BD COR instrument.

Please refer to the ‘STI Collection Kit Change’ Clinical Update 29th August for details on use of the new STI tubes.

A couple of important reminders on labelling the new tubes:

  • Hand label the tubes or use a small sticker label that will be flat on the tube. Do NOT use large labels with flags or tags or overhangs as these will have to be removed before the tube can be loaded into the instrument racks. NOTE: Tubes that will not fit in the racks will require a recollect with appropriate labelling.

  • The new swab and urine tubes have barcoding around the top and bottom of their label. The top barcodes MUST be visible for the instrument to read and perform testing. The bottom barcodes can be covered by a labelling sticker. NOTE: Tubes with all the top barcodes covered are unable to run on the BD COR instrument and a recollect will be required.

New BD Cor collection media with labelling identifying barcodes that must not be obstructed

Thank you for your assistance in the transition to the new STI molecular tubes.