Information for Providers

All request forms require clear and legible patient details, requester details (both name and location) and clinical information/indications for testing.

Serial testing must also designate frequency and the duration the testing is required for.

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Testing Guides

COVID Community Collection

Sample requirements, collection, and handling of COVID samples in a community environment.

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COVID Hospital Collection

Sample requirements, collection, and handling of COVID samples in a hospital environment.

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Microbiology Clinical Details

Guidance on the pertinent clinical details to provide when requesting microbiology investigations.

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Swab Chart

Information about swabs including names, transport medium, appropriateness for testing, sites and any additional comments.

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Details the clinical signs that UTI testing is appropriate.

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UTI's - Rest Home

Rest home specific guide to the clinical presentation of UTI's.

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Faeces Enteric Pathogens

Severity, public health risk factors, and recommendations for faeces enteric pathogen investigations.

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Vaginal Swabs

Outline of appropriate swab choice, testing that will be performed, and example clinical details for vaginal swab investigations.

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Wound Swabs

Clinical information requirements, signs, and specimen types for wound swab investigations.

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Choosing Wisely

Advisory from The New Zealand Microbiology Network about appropriate testing.

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Antibiotic Profiles

Antibiotic Susceptibility Profiles

Susceptibility to antibiotics profiles and pathogen presence in common conditions in the regions where Pathlab provides services.

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Specimen Collection Guidelines